About us

About Us

Inspired by the French Way of Living Alice Ascherfeld and Isabelle von Plauen founded Linodi in 2008. The two friends started Linodi as a label for upscale children's accessories. Soon thereafter success showed that they had created a very special and unique Look far beyond children blankets and sleeping bags.
Since then the label grew and new products for Home & Living, Children and Lifestyle Accessories are continuously designed and launched. The signature look of the brand combines century-old French 'Toile de Jouy' fabrics with classic, French Vichy.
In our times of trends and fashion changing by the day, the products of Linodi reflect an upscale, classic yet modern Lifestyle. The Founders as well as their staff are firmly committed to high quality and fair conditions of employment. Therefore the products of Linodi are produced exclusively in Europe.

On request we are happy to produce special sizes of sleeping bags, blankets, diaper bags, etc. Please contact us. 

Our Products
All our fabrics are 100% cotton. The filling of the sleeping bags, baby blankets, pillows and music box is made ​​of nonwoven fabric with 'Tex Standard 100'. All fabrics (except for the music box) can be washed at least 30 degrees.

The motive excerpts from the "Toile de Jouy" materials can vary.

Our Fabrics

“Toile de Jouy”: "Toile de Jouy" are classic French fabrics, the middle of the 18th originated Century in France. The delicate and highly sophisticated patterns of these materials are usually printed with engraved copper plates. The designs usually depict rural scenes such as birds, children, mythical figures and flowers. The printing form is named after the place Jouy en Josas near Versailles. The fabric printer Christophe Philippe Oberkampf 1760 took over a printing company in Jouy en Josas, which soon became the leader in the French market. Based on the pattern of Chinese silk fabrics, it established the typical French designs. Originally the fabric to clothing was mainly processed. "Toile de Jouy" is today at designers and decorators, and in the French fashion popular. He is seen as a decorative fabric in among other bedding, furniture, curtains or wallpaper.

“Gingham”: Gingham fabrics are now an integral part of the fashion. Initially, they were used because of their simple, minimalist designs and contrasting especially bedding and pajamas. In the fifties, the fabrics were picked up by the fashion and are now long been considered a classic. Gingham is used repeatedly in French children's fashion.

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